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Thread: keyborad keeps lagging in game

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    keyborad keeps lagging in game

    Hello for some reason after the maintenance occurred on the servers my keyboard on my phone lags to pop up it works fine on the other apps on my phone

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    Hey sir,

    Thats pretty weird. I recommend you to make a screenshot or else make a video. This will help Invasion understand the bug better and the chance to help you is higher. I'm very sorry for this.


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    This is actually common to happen in the game [well to me it is lol], and this even happened to me months ago as well. Is it a thing if you begin typing, after you're done typing it (or just after a while), the key click sound effect repeats a ton of times and your message appears? Or does the keyboard just take a while to come up because that happens too.

    If not, then I haven't really experienced the keyboard lag that you're having.

    P.S., the reason it lags on this game is most likely due to the things the game has to load all at the same time or something. I forgot how to word it lol


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    Hello guys! We are sorry for the trouble. For better investigation, we kindly suggest you to give us more information.

    1.Your device type and system type.
    2.A small video of your whole operation process.

    We will check your issue for you. Thanks for your cooperation!

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