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Thread: Spamm mail/scouts in battle

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    Spamm mail/scouts in battle

    This is getting really serious, every time I go out to battle In pvp my enemy keeps spamming scouts and mails, 100 of both every minute and it's crashing my game and kicking me out.

    I suggest you add a delay for pms if a member is spammed and a delay for scouts if more than 5.
    I'm sure everyone is having this problem in the game.

    Waiting to hear back, thanks

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    Hey sir,

    I really understand what you mind. This ''strategy'' is called ''scout bombing''. It is very annoying. I actually dont know why people do that, but i dont think Invasion it's self should ban it, but at least they have to talk to the player who does it. Personally i thinkt that your zone Government has to ban it. It is very annoying. Or else try to screenshot or get them on video and post it on forum or mail to Invasion. Because getting your device crashed is not a nice strategy!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginio Harmsen View Post
    Hey sir,

    This ''strategy'' is called ''scout bombing''. It is very annoying. I actually dont know why people do that...
    Actually, people due this to voluntarily disable the enemy from being able to send their troops away, or have time to set their troops that are defending in the correct formation to lose as little troops as possible.

    Luckily I have not been affected by this, but some of my unfortunate Guild Members have in the past. I agree that something like this needs to stop. And in my zone, the Government can't stop this because they do it themselves sometimes...
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    I also agree that this should stop and I am one hundred percent sure that tap is already working on this because it has been reported several times. It is unfortunate that such a thing is possible, and makes fair gameplay impossible.

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    Hello guys! Really sorry for the trouble. Just as Allie said, we have received many feedbacks about scout bombing. This issue is already on our optimization list. Please believe that our teach team will find the best to way to make improvement. Thanks for your understanding!

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