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Thread: Sabotage

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    Cool Sabotage

    Hello all,

    How would it be if you could sabotage someone with a spy? Then you can start thinking of a new building. Maybe sabotage can mean that you can choose what type of sabotage: Food, Unit destroy or resources upkeep. This would be a new type of war. I'm just giving some examples.

    What would you guys like to have in sabotage spys? Let me know below in the comments!


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    Lightbulb Suggestions


    Interesting idea lol

    I'd honestly love this, but surely there would need to be some restrictions put to this due to how overpowered this can be.

    Basic restrictions:

    Limited sabotages in a certain time frame [So people can't sabotage as many people as they want]

    Limited amount of times you can be sabotages in a certain time frame

    Unit destroy could be too overpowered without a huge downside or something [the amount you choose to destroy of theirs would have to demolish some of your units or rss or something]

    I'm not sure what other restrictions could be, but some would NEED to be put into place if this feature is implemented into the game. Other than that, great idea


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