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Thread: The new update

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    I dont think its a connection issue , because ive downloaded like 3 games and playing them on the same connection and their working great
    And yesterday i was able to play the game also on the same connection
    Its weird that you guys havent found a solution yet
    Specially when i get a notification that my base is being attacked twice and i cant enter the game.

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    Jameel is right. You (Invasion CS) are always quick to blame the connection. Everything else works on my iPad; Facebook, Internet (Safari), ALL the other Games that I play, mail, Viber, What's App, iMessage... Everything. Also if it was the connection then it would time out. Nothing happens, it stops at 82% and that is it. No time out, no failed to connect to server, nothing.
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    I forgot to mention the numerous times uninstalling and reinstalling...that means the connection is good too (reinstalling)!

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    I have the same issue too. Looks like binding to fb account issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jameel AbouSaleh View Post
    What device do you use OPiE24?
    iPad Air 2 iOS 9.2

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    I still can't get into the game!

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    Is anyone working on this? If I get zeroed there isn't enough compensation to bring them back.

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    Hola buenas, alguien me podria decir si se esta haciendo algo al respecto, es que no consigo entrar sino es con wifi y ya me han atacado y no se me avisa por mensaje ya que como solo funciona con wifi no me llegan los mensajes ni avisos.

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