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Thread: When do you want to play the game most?

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    Ce un gioco onesto che da la posibilita di crescere ad ogni giocatore per che le guere si fano in una certe maniera

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    mostly at work try to play when I'm not at work on and off I try to get as much gaming time in as I can

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    Play time

    I enjoy playing off and on throughout the day! Lol, have to to keep things rolling!

    Quote Originally Posted by 卡卡西 View Post
    When your job is boring, gaming brings you pleasure.
    When you want to deploy your strategic talent, Invasion gives you the opportunity to display your brilliant mind.
    When you want excitement, Invasion fills you with the rampage of warfare.

    Commander, when do you want to play the game most?

    Activity rewards: After the activity ends, we’ll randomly pick 20 commanders and reward them with items worth 2,000 diamonds.

    Activity Time: 14/01/2016 10:00 -- 17/01/2016 10:00

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 2 days after the event ending.

    Happy gaming!

    Invasion High Command

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    I play the game most when...

    I usually play the game, Invasion, when I go to bed. After a long day working and PC gaming I decide to go to bed, but then I just grab my phone and play Invasion for a long time! So I just endup being exhausted in the morning, and it repeats every day! The game is very addictive and very good.
    Cheers, MegaXi

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    Any time I can

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    All day whenever I could even at work. I most enjoy nights from 5pm-1am or weekends all day..
    Account Thatboyrc187

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    I play whenever I can. I love gaming. 😂👍

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    Invasion 24/7

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Lane View Post
    I enjoy playing off and on throughout the day! Lol, have to to keep things rolling!
    Me gusta jugar

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