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Thread: When do you want to play the game most?

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    Its very similar to game of war (gow). Only thing that us different is to get VIP you need to buy instead of starting automatically when you start the game.

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    Juego cuando estoy descansando o cuando me siento aburrido en mi casa... Me gusta mucho este juego, y tambin me gusta mucho el tiempo de PvP... Zona 123 Mayor Armand

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    I play 24/7 serious addiction to hanging out with my international friends. Always someone on to talk to. Zone 22 guild td! Commander JessieMae74

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    Mostly anytime, peaking at midnight and also around 6pm central time. This game is kickass

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    At sleeping and durig breaks when iam studying

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    I think it depends really on where your from timings of events can be different for everyone's time zones so sometimes it's a case of get stuck in when as one can. But any time is good to play Invasion lol much love D.C

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    I like to play most when I am at work. It helps me to break the boredom. My job can be slow at times, and it makes the day go by.

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    Cada que hay oportunidad Con las notificaciones estamos pendientes de los movimientos que se requieran

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    All the time, it is very interesting game

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