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Thread: Dead PVPs? Possible solution For Improvement..

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    Lightbulb Dead PVPs? Possible solution For Improvement..

    Zone 27 has recently started having 3 pvp each week. It is frustrating..
    Too many pvp = too many players just hiding in a bubble, fake rally or the Super Mines, rather than out fighting..

    Why you ask? Because with the PVPs too often, the people don't have the proper time to rebuild troops, and so they hide until they are ready, but when they are ready to fight, it seems everyone else is hiding to repair and rebuild..

    It is becoming harder and harder to actually do any PVP.. Sure you will get a few people that will make their points, but for the majority of the people in the zone, we either spend hours looking for someone to hit, or just occupy territory..

    In truth, the ones that actually make any points in pvp, do it within the 1st, 10 to 15 minutes of PVP, then they bubble up and go about their real life activities.. Again.. The endless sea of bubbles..... Or the endless sea of ghost bases..

    I've used as many as 8 Advanced Teleports in one pvp event, and came up with 0 for points because the un-bubbled bases I found were ghost towns.. Which made for a very uneventful and wasted few hours of my life..

    With 2 PVP a week, and the occasional Zone-vs-Zone thrown in as a third battle, one week out of the month, would be a perfect setup. It would allow the people to grow, and would infuse the need to have the glorious battles we used to have, just a few short months ago..

    Now it is all about the bubble or the hide in Super Mine game..
    The Super Mines are a great addition to the game, but there must be a way to do a Collective GUILD RALLY on them to keep them from just being a hiding spot..

    Super Mines would have Super Defense Points, and would be hard to Destroy, but it would an AWESOME event, to be able to take down an opposing team's mine.. The people collecting in the mine would be disbursed back to their bases, UNHARMED, but the mine would be destroyed and the people would be forced to fight, bubble or rally, etc..

    The point is they would be force to do something, and it could happen at anytime the mine is taken down. So no set time line on the life of the mine while it is operation.. Keep the game hopping, not add more dead zones to hide in..

    I know the T4F must think that the more PVP is better, but with all the hiding holes, it isn't a war anymore..
    It is hide and go seek.. Just my 2 cents on how things should work in helping to keep this awesome game alive..

    I've pretty much stopped playing everything else but this game, but now all I see in Zone Chat are more and more people arguing over all the hiding, bubbling, and too frequent PVP..

    This is just the beginning of the end, and T4F need to nip this in the bud quick, or this game won't be here in another year.
    It will turn into a ghost town,as have many other games in the past.. I really enjoy this game, and don't wish to see it fade away. It is just painful to see it already happening, after I've been playing it for about 6 months.. Okay, done with my book of thoughts.. Have a wonderful rest of the day and let's get this PVP turnt back up!

    ZONE 27

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    I do agree with my friend low hawk, and also should merge zones to get more ppl and tired of not being alot of ppl, it's getting boring, something you guys should think about, and quit thinking about how much money u want to make..


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    I agree that the PVP's are far too frequent. 3 times a week with Random ZvZ thrown in is WAY too much. There needs to be more variety to the events, and better prizes. Seems the prizes for events have kind of fallen off lately, or are ridiculous to reach, such as the 24hour pvp. (Almost 500k points to get all 3 prizes. That's a lot of troop killing, even for 24 hours).

    In our Zone our government coalition (multiple guild government) has called for full Zone NAP except for Friday 24 hour PVP and ZvZ. It has brought a sense of unity to the zone and PvP is fun again. Some actually find their targets in zone chat. They port next to each other and duel to see who would win. While others still just random port around the zone and hit open bases. The Gov sends a message out the day before and the day of the PVP warning those who don't want to participate to bubble for those who are still trying to grow. But I guess not all Zones are as organized as ours. But with ZvZ now becoming a very real thing, The controlling guild of every zone needs to be working with the guild leaders to build, train, and be prepared for it.

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    Zone population is too low to have such frequent pvps and zvzs. A significant amount of our players cant get points without hitting alt accts or allied guilds for points. I like the regular more frequent fights but zone9s population cant survive with so many battles and so few players.

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    This would be a huge improvement for zones like the ones you described.

    In my zone #33, people are pretty active in pvp so it's easy to find people to hit, however they are insanely strategic so it makes it tougher for me to find others that aren't ready for pvp. If you put this in the Your Invasion subforum, I'd expect a bunch of replies from some mods and maybe even Invasion CS if they find it useful enough. Great idea!


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    I personally like having the mines for safety of one wave of units. I have well over a million units in each of my bases so i always have more units in my base than on a mine. I think it is greet having a few in reserve. Shields are very important and i use them to protect my investment in my bases.

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    I love the idea of less frequent pvps and it has already been implemented into the game. However, I think that being able to hit the mines is a terrible idea. Especially the mine disappearing if it's defeated. Because, then the troops that were in it would go home to unbubbled bases while the player is not online and completely unaware. It would cause people to get zeroed and we all know what people do when that happens. They quit. Then the game dies. None of us want that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie Downs View Post
    I think that being able to hit the mines is a terrible idea...
    Yes this is the only thing I disagree within the idea as well.


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    The REAL problem with the pvp situation has nothing to do with anything mentioned above.

    The problem lies in the free to play (pay to win) model. While a server has hundreds of players, only a dozen players spend enough money on the game to amass so many troops in one day they can take out some alliances by themselves. And they do, every pvp event. They are basically Gods wreaking havoc on helpless free to play players.

    Not only that, the time it takes to retrain troops in amy game like invasions (gow, war z, empire z, CoC) takes weeks and months to make a formidable army without spending real money on speedups. Now, if you had 1 pvp event a week, and got continually wiped, and you inevtiably will if you pvp a lot and If not wiped, at least a significant accumulated loss from all your victories, youd never be able to max out a single march slot because you just dont have the troops.

    Free to play players have probably never in their life beem able to max out all of their slots, much less ever make it to T4 troops or even T3 for the more casual player.

    Theres just so many variables that make pvp not worth it. PvP is unbalanced. And even if it was balanced, a lot of players will still bubble because any type of troop loss hurts your development potential.

    If you were to get wiped and have no money invested, it would be weeks and months before you could even find use for all of your march slots when harvesting. Youd have to harvest like 10k resources every mission and slowly progress from there.

    PvP just doesnt make sense. But do you know why everyone loves to participate in the rebel event ? Because theres rewards, with no losses.

    PvP needs a system where defenders dont get wiped on the first defeat, and attackers dont lose any troops if its a victory.

    For example: if you win a fight, you can only lose up to 5% of troops. If you lose a fight, you lose 20% of your troops. Remember, this meams that as a defender you could get attacked 10 times amd still have a small portion of troops left because its 20% of the troops in battle.

    For example:
    1st defeat: 100,000 - 20% = 80,000
    2nd defeat: 80,000 - 20% = 64,000
    3rd defeat: 64,000 - 20% = 51,200
    4th defeat: 51,200 - 20% = 40,960
    5th defeat: 40,960 - 20% = 32,768

    So, as you see, someone with 100k troops could still have 32k troops after 5 defeats. This would require more pvp action to wipe someone.

    ...and wiping would more or less be leaving them with scraps of troops. Not an actual 0 count
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    As far as being wiped.. That is what your garages are for.. Build 3 armory, 1 mint, and the rest garages... Once you have a decent size army, and your level of armory are high enough to build troops for more than a full day, demolish 1 armory and replace it with a garage. You can rebuild your troops in hours if you have enough garages to repair them.. Of course garages only work if you are hit on your base, but it mean you actually don't lose any troops, and the resources needed to rebuild should be easy to obtain from your other guild members or the Guild Bank.. If you aren't in a team that will help you in rebuilding, then leave that team and join one that will.. I've seen a power level of 10 mill destroy a power level of 30 mill, due to their defense positions.. It is all part of how you defend.. I still feel the Super Mines should be able to be destroyed, nothing should be impenetrable.. But to destroy them it must require a full guild, multi-wave rally.. Much like the level 100 Rebels.. No one would be hurt but the mine, and this would add a new element of danger to the game.. Instead the mines are just a hiding hole.. I admit I use them, especially love to hide troops in Cash Super Mine, mainly because they can hide there for over 24 hours on one trip, and are perfect for 24 hour pvp hiding.. All other resources are much quicker in gathering than cash, and so if you don't pay attention you may have your troops come home while you aren't looking and be at risk of attack.. But a 24/7 free for all on Super Mines would be an awesome site.. Teams would have to decide on either spend a few hours all collaborating to take a mine out, our gather resources themselves.. Just too many ways to hide and not participate in any fighting. For a war game, this isn't a good thing.. If there is no PVP at the time, then the people in the mines that get kicked back to base, will have worries of being hit, due to NAP.. They just would of lost their mine and have to rebuild it.. The Super Mines cost the guild 100k in coins to build. So this will basically only hurt the weekly wages for each mine destroyed.. Not the players themselves..
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