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Thread: VIP Carry Over

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    VIP Carry Over

    Is it possible to carry over a vip level to a new account?

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    No. This is what they recently had to say on the matter:

    Quote Originally Posted by Invasion CS View Post
    Hello guys! We are sorry for the trouble. Account merging is not available. If VIP account could be merged, some player might use this function as another way of selling account. It might cause many account disputes. We really appreciate your understanding towards this issue. Besides, we will forward your feedback. We will try to find if there is any other better way to make improvement. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by Invasion CS View Post
    Sorry that the functions to transfer diamonds is not available in game in order to keep the account security and to keep the balance of game. Thanks for your understanding!
    Quote Originally Posted by Invasion CS View Post
    According to current game settings, merging VIP is not available. You have enjoyed the VIP privileges in your previous account. Besides if this functions is available it will influence the game balance. Imagine that one player make a VIP4 in the first account. Then merging the VIP to a new account in a new zone. He could have many advantages over other players. If he continues to merge VIP level, it is impossible for new players to grow in a new zone. Thanks for understanding!
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