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Thread: Dead PVPs? Possible solution For Improvement..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Shibley View Post
    The problem lies in the free to play (pay to win) model. While a server has hundreds of players, only a dozen players spend enough money on the game to amass so many troops in one day they can take out some alliances by themselves. And they do, every pvp event. They are basically Gods wreaking havoc on helpless free to play players.

    Not only that, the time it takes to retrain troops in amy game like invasions (gow, war z, empire z, CoC) takes weeks and months to make a formidable army without spending real money on speedups. Now, if you had 1 pvp event a week, and got continually wiped, and you inevtiably will if you pvp a lot and If not wiped, at least a significant accumulated loss from all your victories, youd never be able to max out a single march slot because you just dont have the troops.

    Free to play players have probably never in their life beem able to max out all of their slots, much less ever make it to T4 troops or even T3 for the more casual player.
    One of the people in my guild is at work most of the day, they have not spent one cent on the game, and they're thriving at 11mil+ power with almost 1mil troops destroyed, so it is very possible. I have spent very little, and that was only to get rss last year (I'm nearly 10mil power).

    So it really is possible. I see high powered peeps in the government without any VIP levels as well, so you just have to do missions and stuff and make sure you don't screw up :P


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    Are you from zone 34 we do the same thing -TheChosen1

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosen1 View Post
    Are you from zone 34 we do the same thing -TheChosen1
    Hey Chosen. I think there are only 3 of us from 34 on here. You, me, and scroo. Although scroo doesn't play in our zone very often any more.
    Zone 34

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