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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    When I start the game everything was working fine but as soon as I used some speed ups my guild missions were automatically completed I didn't do all those missions . 2nd thing was I have completed soo many times through customer complaints and there was no response from last 1 week please do something regarding that too..I love u r giving so many rewards nowadays ☺👌
    IGN- TAruN077

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerie Bides View Post
    Could do VIP different where you don't need to spend money to get it
    I second the notion of allowing a VIP status theough a reward or something besides buying diamonds. Game of War has that and I was a VIP level 9 in that game.

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    In general the game is getting better. There is a bug in the 5 min free update for buildings on the main screen. Sometimes at the 5 min mark when you should see the green free update button the timer will reset back to around 5:30 and begin counting down again. It may so this several times before the green free button appears if at all. However if you open up the speedup window tou can see that the green free update button is no available. That can be annoying at times.

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    Donde se puede ver el servidor? Yo en la encuesta puse 107 pero ese es el mundo en el que estoy, me olvidé de poner en la encuesta, para las personas que hablamos diferentes idiomas, estaría bien que directamente en los chat como en los mensajes si por ejemplo yo soy Español y escribo a alguien de la alianza o en el chatear, directamente le saliera traducido en su idioma, lo mismo que si un compañero de habla inglesa me escribe a mi yo lo lea en mi idioma..o en los chatear cada uno lo lea ya traducido en su idioma, se que puede parecer una boberias pero por ejemplo en mi caso yo no interactuo tanto porque no hablo inglés y si me llegasen los mensajes ya traducidos al igual que si leyese el chat traducido en mi idioma jugaría más, y seguro que mucha gente le pasa lo mismo. Un saludo.

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    В основном - хорошо, хотя все-равно не все работает...

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    Still having lag issues in z77, otherwise like the upgrades. Sometimes scrolling down members in diamond mine it boots me out. Some times game freezes and I have to jump out and return. Could cause big issues during pvp and zvz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Payseno View Post
    You should make VIP free , yes in game purchases are good, makes the game grow and pay staff. But make it fair for all to play.
    But i think free VIP status would be unfair for those who spend money.

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    I think the ui is nice, but don't really see much difference in gameplay

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    Thomas Abe

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    Overall I really like it. There were several improvments I really enjoy the streamlined buttons and display
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