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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    E bom jogo se bem que aquela missao dos diamantes e so pa ricos. Deveria se poder jogar sem ser com diamantes mas sim com dinheiro do mercado negro ou assim. De resto muito bom tou viciado.

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    ӧѧ ӧ֧ڧ ߧ ާ֧ѧ֧ ߧ ܧѧߧ ݧѧߧ֧, ߧڧ٧ ֧֧ ߧ ܧѧ ӧ ѧݧߧ ߧܧڧ ӧڧէߧ ߧ֧ާߧԧ,֧ߧ էߧ ܧӧѧ ڧ,ѧ ӧ֧ڧ ާ֧ѧݧڧ ߧ ܧѧߧ ,ӧڧէߧ ҧݧ ӧ , ֧ۧѧ ֧ߧ ݧ,ڧѧӧ.

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    I am satisfied with the new version. Everything is becoming very user friendly. Kudos Tap4fun! Keep up the good work!!

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    I havent spend any money but i have spent a LOT of time on invasion. What i have gained most is some really good online buddies here. 2 areas which i hope tap4fun will really look into improving is 1st- game lag. This is really frustrating to lose a battle over game lag. Another area are players who do not follow NAP should be penalised. I understand that paying players will always have an advantage over non paying ones but i strongly believe that any players who do not follow NAP is penalised for not adhering to NAP, this would greatly enhance gaming experience. i am a non paying player at the moment but with players not adhering to NAP, I will not considsr paying as I do not have confidence that I will get to enjoy my investment if players continue to hit outside PVP.

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    I get really frustrated with trying to send messages or anything to do with typing! The keyboard comes up and disappears and you gave to click multiple times just to type a word. If you could fix this it would be great! I really enjoy the game and like the upgrades so far. I also agree with the comment about getting attacked by over powered bases and wandering if to quit or rebuild. Some attention in that area would be good for the beginners and lower level players. Keep up the good work!!
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    This game is so much better. Couple of things that i could think of are (a pre set troop march option) you could make slots that the player could purchase or gain thru events that allowed to have a preset troop march you could just select and press go. Another thing is when your sitting waiting for your troops to return from an attack if your sitting at troop march screen it doesnt refresh when that troop march returns. Maybe fix that.(screen where attack units are sent does not refresh making you go back to map and reselect attack before you see it. You probably could take the private chat option away and just make messages like a instant msg. Maybe leave a multi chat option. moderators to patrol zone chats. For user friendly chats. Also mods could be messaged by new players who have questions or problems. Thank you allowing me to play Server:122 ign:malici0us
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trossi A Farrell View Post
    Keep the events coming
    Hacer VIP sin necesidad de gastar dinero, por lp menos los primeros niveles

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    I suggest that you have to reduce the amount of diamond which is needed to buy some items .Also,the giftes from the solo event and guild event is not have to make it more valuable. Moreover, there should be daily gift to all players from the system like 500 diamonds and other RSSs. Do not make the game deffeclt to be achived and enjoy. As i see the purpose of this game from you is the profit not the enjoyment.

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    Was The Solo Event "Simulation" Taken off by chance because that was the only way I could really progress through the game by winning 1000 x2 Diamonds as the last prize ; if this event was taken off by any chance I think you should rethink this please Thank You.
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