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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    I like the new content I hate the lag game keeps locking up every day I makes me restart my device to get the back button on pop windows to work it's getting old especially when it happens during pvp or zvz please fix this

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    Graphics are excellent and gameplay is awesome!!!

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    1) Maintaining the server. Users do not calculate the hours GMT. Should appear a message like the PVP or rebels maintenance window events. So one would know that maintenance is in 8 hours for example.

    2) There is no option to be VIP if not playstore shopping. This is super bad. Put options should get VIP 1, 2, 3 .. Every 30 days of play at least one level. So one moves up the VIP level

    3) Diamond mines after each PVP. for users to collect and recover. Everyone can not buy diamonds.

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    Have varios bug

    1) in chat.. i see the chat of all.. when go to chat need reconect to much times.

    2) samsung s4. touch stop error after. and now use hard reset in phone and new software. and have the same error.

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    Outline territory

    It would be easier to see what territory I own right now says controlled by:

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    I like the game but it is too easy to lose troops if there was a better way to protect ur troops I wouldn't have a problem with the game at all I would give 7/10 stars to this game

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    Since this most recent upgrade all my new issues are text based.

    1) The program frequently freezes with the keyboard or numerical pad showing. On average maybe every 4th use. When this happens the program has to be reloaded.

    2) The text in the text box is now extremely small.

    3) Once the text reaches the end of the text box it continues past and becomes unreadable.

    I had none of these issues prior to this latest upgrade.

    Lastly, we have 12 hour events why not 12 hour bubbles?

    Swift Arrow
    Zone: 58
    Guild: Z58

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    Just make it easier to get diamonds through giving hetter orizes in events and increasing the drop rates of diamonds when you attack a fort. Lag has not been such a serious issue after the latest fixes, try to keep it that way.
    AlexZeR0 #39

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