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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Streamline troop movement

    A suggestion is to streamline troop movement into 1 window.

    1- select the location of troop movement
    2 - window with options and troop selection is shown
    (Currently there is a window with the three options, then once select an option, the troop selection is shown)

    Just a thought to minimize the number of pop-up.

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    It working very good right now thank you invasion team good work love your game 55nat zone 13 state 2 😀

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    Of course 1.28.0 is better than old one but may pvp its can give more presents..
    Bad boy3
    From zone 86

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    Me gustaría que hubiera mejores recompensas en los eventos el juego en general es perfecto para mi sigan así trabajando
    Alianza: zaz

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    Faster load time. Competition and prize drops are amazing.

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    Its awesome but sometimes the game lagging or crashing while attacking!

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    The thing I would like to see changed is let us have the option to change zones (rather our headquarters is a level 1 or 21). Lets create some type of zone teleport or something.

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    Vip and gifts

    Make the vip so you don't have to spend real money and have better gifts

    Zone #50

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    Is all good but the dice cost 1500 diamond to roll is too much

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    Nice updates and features but still lot of game lacking, freezing and crashing but for me biggest peoblem with the game is that you have to be online 24/7, PvP's are now 3 times a week (which sucks big time), ZvZ every now and then. There should be some kind of protection when you are offline, like after you have been offline like 24h, your shield will be activated and it will go off when you log on, like now after maintenance break. Also gift giving possibilities should be uppgraded, for example handcuffs and war warrants, to get to lv21 can be real pain in the ass.
    Master blueprints should be also rewarded after reaching hq21.
    During rebels, all maintenance breaks should provide always action points for the loss of time. Rebels are by far the best features in this game but it is also very intense 3 days If you want to reach lv51. Action Points limit should be 200/200 to just make it slightly easier.
    For rss problem it would be nice to "gas stations", like guild mines but open for everybody, you join up, build it, gather and leave. But you pay for using it, except If you helped building it. Government could start these mines.
    For the rebels, it would be nice to capture their commanders as well and maybe courthouse and cemetery could be activated for this purpose.
    Base building levels more visible. In some platforms it can be really difficult to see building levels when moving around base, color is too light. Maybe purple would be better, for example.
    And last but not least, account deleting, there should be option at more/account... To delete account, with verification that are you sure. Same If you want to move to new zone with the current account, especially If you are VIP, you go to new zone, when you are binding it, you have option to transfer account. Just few clicks and it is done.
    This game is by far the best game I've played but it has some downfalls. With other games you can leave them be for a week or a month but If you do it in this game, everything is destroyed.

    Terminator37, zone50

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