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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Great game. Haven't had so much fun in ages. ZvZ has spiced it up more creating better zone team play.
    Only gripe is the number of war warrents and handcuffs needed for HoW and prison, it seems unreasonable compared with everything else you need to do as the cost is so high. Being able to gift more than singles and if you could collect them from rebels, crusaders or gathering would also help. Even if you wanted to use diamonds you still need to spend crazy money, which a lot of people don't have, please reconsider quantities needed or how to help increase chances of obtaining them.
    Otherwise love the new look, keep up the good work

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    I like the new interface, seems cleaner. My suggestions are as follows for the interface:
    1.Put the account logout button higher up in the menu
    2.territory vs advanced teleports...territory only works if guild tile setting is on. It should be automatic.
    3. The translator rarely works after about 2.00utc
    4. The use of resource packs freezes up and requires game restart after using about 10 to 15 packs.

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    With all the upgrades you all do you would think the game would run better but it does not. Game is always locking up or kicking you from the game most of the time when we're fighting. Also build times need to be lesser some are really to long. Some ideas to make the game better the abilitie to mark other guilds as allies and also to be able to show u declared war on a guild. Also should have a - ratting placed on players that hit a player 5 Lv smaller then them. If a attack is already sent it should make it that u can't shield till after your hit and no more waves are coming at you. Just a few thing I can think of M83a3 zone 53

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    I like the update it is more simplified and easy now and plus I'm not facing any bygs or crash you must also provide a in game translation tool as we all can not write or read all languages it will help us to understand all languages and make the game more interesting.

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    Im new, but not to other t4f games, great job

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    I personally think it would be nice to be able to scroll back in the private chat rooms, like you do guild chat and zone chat, also think some of the events the rewards suck. For example ZvZ the rewards really suck, atleast for our ZvZ. Jackazz Sr zone 38

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    Z60 [E60]7NationArmy. I think it would be nice to have some quick attack formations that you can have preset for attacking or gathering. Additionally the same idea would work with officers.

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    You guys need to make some teleport packs they are kinda expensive

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    Kindly update a screen option choic, landscape or portrait. Thank you

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