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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    I feel active and loyal players should receive Daily rewards for playing. Thank you and God bless

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    Hi from Troeshina z100
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    Vip is to hard to get spending $$$$

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    By now with all these updates we should be able to:

    Gift more than 1 War Warranty - why not 10, 100, 1000 as we can when clicking on Hall of War then purchase

    Purchase 7, 10 or 14 day shields to cover holiday periods

    Have two builds going at the same time, especially if you are HQ21

    Have the ability that when you use march +25% boost, it also applies Hall of War so that others joining your rally have their march size increased

    Come on, you have been developing this game long enough now................

    Lastly, stop the lag just before and during PVP, ZVZ, this has been happening since the beginning of the game....sort this out, and don't get Crystal mailing me telling me its my WiFi or 4G connection.......everything else works fine on my phone or at home.

    Thank you

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    1) The PvP is out of control, still you have the PvP events almost back to back 24 hours then 6 hours back to 24 hours a couple days later. You only need one PvP event a week. Give players that chance to build and expand. If you dont change the ammounts of PvP, issue players that wish to build peace shields to match the event. 2) Lower the price of stuff for coins in the black market, not everything obviously but there are some rediculous prices in there. 3) All should be given at least 1 free teleport to goto any zone or state they choose. The problem is that some zones fill up fast with alot if the same guild and then they bully smaller guilds by zeroing all that guild members to try and force them to join, not cool. 4) Would like to have a guild function to appoint a Co leader, love the ability to make squads and appoint leaders to them. 5) The super mines, ok this is mainly for small guilds. But it takes so long to build these mines, we should be able to keep them until they dry out. 6) Lastly; auto translate. There needs to be a full time functioning auto translate feature that allows those of different languages to send and receive as well as view chat and player names according to the region or primary language they have chosen. Example if you choose your primary language as Chinese then when you are in zone chat or are looking through the zone even when someone messages you all should automatically be translated to Chinese. Same way with English, Dutch, German, Indian etc. Many times I have been messaged by a player that I cannot read their name and the little translate button does not work. Please make auto translate to the preferred language of the player.

    Zone#: 108
    Guild: ZRT
    Commander: Y8598

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    Ok this update is more interesting fewer bugs and Quick réaction. Goliath45

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    I like this games,im from indonesia..please upgrade for indonesia language

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