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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    pls allow us to port in zone of our guild we want to join in.higher or lower level of hq,and pls fix the lag

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    You might want to wind down the PVP to be held on a weekly basis.

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    Upgraded tp new version great but still lot of issue still arise and not fully fixed. Lagging...jammed.....slow starting loging. Should focus on this factor. But great UI. One that I noticed that bad compare from previous version....war simulator lagging after loging. Msg appear still download. Please fixed this issue. Zone 122 MRP10524246

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    El juego es excelente e notado que en estos dias a habido problemas en la mina de diamantes en recuperar los premios de los cofres y habeces te tumba el juego o blinkea la pantalla

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    The game is good. Thank you everyone, players and crews. But I have one question: why player with 20... 40... 100 lvl beat player with 1-5... 10 lvl? Creaters and crew, please, can you do some levels of fight? For example player with 1 lvl can take part in battles with 5 lvl's players max. And 5 lvl's players - min. with 1 lvl's players and max with 10 lvl's players ets. Then, on my opinion, the game will be more interesting. Thank you for attantion.

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    Good upgrade.

    My only suggestion is the players could march recall a RALLY.

    Thank you,


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    Need to be able to gift without being VIP

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