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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Sem duvida que esta bem melhor sem duvida mesmo... Por enquanto tem funcionado muito bem estou satisfeito sem duvida. Espero ansiosamente pela nova versao que de certeza ja estao a trabalha nela.. cump's #77 uSF pronto
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    Spenden für das Forschungszentrum sind nicht mehr möglich: Meldung: undefinied😳
    Zone 40

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    The guild research building is the bestime addition to this game in a good long while. I commend tap for adding something that benefits the players and doesn't costs money for a change.

    Wasn't there supposed to be a weekly subscription added..? Well where is it,?

    The sand table treasure with items for a specific officer is a good idea, but drop the price 1200 diamond is way too much for one roll. Maybe when you land on a multiplier it gives you a free roll also?

    Lastly consider zone mergers. zone is dying and I'm not wanting to be top player in a dead zone. ...


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    Die Offiziere bringen nicht die% wie sie angegeben sind! Spiel Beschreibung zu verschiedenen Punkte könnte man besser oder sogar einführen. Bei vielen Spielen gibt es Fragezeichen, wo man drauf geht und eine Beschreibung wird dazu angezeigt. Wie jetzt lernt man nur durch fragen der Mitspieler.

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    Game glitches and is slow to respond

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    The ability to queue buildings.
    For example; at HQ 16 you can have 1 building under construction and 1 in queue. Than at HQ 21 you gain an additional queue.


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    Could do with different PvP event times, so not always same people can go in PvP's. And PvP's could be shorter, 24hrs PvP is worthless, after first hour everything is over, everyone is shielded & unshielded HQ have been zeroed

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    Dragon Claw

    Dragon Claw
    server: 106

    - allow to reinforcement friends without shield down.
    - there's problem in gathering master 24 it's not working.
    - support arabic language types

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    J'adore ce jeux mais le problème trop de beug la traduction ne marche pas mais appart sa sava

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