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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Good job!
    Name: Darinela
    Guild : CFc
    Zone : 38

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    We could use away to gather faster. And use the garage in what troops go in when attacked like I would prefer my bigger troops in first instead of the smaller ones filling it up and no room for higher troops.

    zone 30

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    Je pense que ce jeux est excellent malgres quelques bug la traduction des langues est plutôt pas mal dommages qu'il y ai beaucoup trop de demande de diamants pour payer certaines choses mise appart cela je suis satisfaite de ce jeux

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    I believe the system should make our planes look better like how it is for zvz...I believe it would draw more players in.

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    To make the game fairer perhaps a cap on the HQ levels you can hit. For example a level 21 HQ can only attack those with in 3 HQ levels of themselves. (HQ levels 18,19,20 and their own level 21) or a level 15hq can attack (levels 12,13,14,15,16,17,18) and perhaps a power cap to stop people from just sitting at a certain level HQ to avoid being hit by the bigger players. I feel this would make the game fairer for smaller people and possibly encourage them to spend a little more with out fear of their money being wasters by being crushed by a heavy coiner...


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    Defiantly like the constant events, think some of them need to be more spaced out. Suck as power increase then troop production, still a power increase. As for the updates I know not everyone will agree but when I started this game was unique and now it's becomming a cyber warfare game which is not a direction that I thought the game would go. I don't grow my base with my wallet so I have nothing to loose in deleting it if the updates continue to go in that direction.

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    I honestly feel like its Bette then previous one. But what I like to see more is better reward. I believe if the rewards is better some people would spend more and put more effort into doing the activities and events. I would look at the events and activities sometime and just log out. Because rewards is not worth the struggle or the money.

    Quote Originally Posted by 卡卡西 View Post
    Invasion 1.28.0 version is already online! What do you think about the new content in this update? Your suggestions are what we focus on and your advice is what spurs us on, please let your opinions be known! No matter whether it is to do with in-game bugs, or troublesome controls which frustrate you, we’ll look into every issue you bring up and make the required adjustments. Please head to the forum and participate in commenting on the new version, you will have a chance to win Rewards of 1,000 diamonds!

    Attachment 777

    Activity Time: From 20/1 at 04:30 UTC to 23/1 at 04:30 UTC

    Activity Details: Please leave your suggestions and advice for the new version in the comments section, along with your character name and zone number.

    Activity Rewards: After the activity ends, we’ll pick out 20 random players who have left version improvement comments and game info, and reward them with 1,000 diamonds.

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 4 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

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    I like the events we have but I wish we got back more or better rewards for some of the events. The one thing I would like to see is the option to sell the items we don't need as it becomes bothersome having to scroll past a bunch of items that are not ever going to be used.
    My only suggestion to improve the games quality itself would be to group maintenance fixes, instead of doing them almost every day and frustrating us players, do one huge maintenance/server down once a week when no events are going on. It is annoying when we have an event going on like rebels or pvp and we lose time to do the event because of the server being down. We all appreciate that you guys do your best to fix problems that arise as soon as you can, but it is one of the reasons people get so frustrated with the game.
    Zone 59

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    So wonderful games I like it and I want tell my friends play this game waaaw

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