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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Need defences to get repaired option after being attacked, so we can restore lost power by spending resources.
    Before starting pvp & zvz highlight and alert all bases frequently before 12 hours because of time issues, like players from different time zones playing in same zone, like most of my guild members are from U.S, and I'm from middle east.
    Zone: #59
    Guild: TaskForce.
    User name: U man

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    It's too laggy, way too many pvp events un a week theres always a server maintenance furing rebels interrupting it.

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    Can we get some garages for the on base defense ? For the S1,S2,S3,S4 ? So we don't lose them every time. ??

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    Anyone can add me on FB for diamonds look up my name and friend request me. Let's make that diamond mine pump it the diamonds.

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    You can make all the "new" versions you want but the priority is not that, it's the many technical issues you have every weeks and you don't fix for good

    And finally too much pvp!
    tuesday+thursday+saturday then what?

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    I keep getting bumped offline on my Borh my iPhones 2 different accounts zone 80 LTFIREDOGG and LTFiredog2
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    Why don't you change the sand tables so any nonvip player can play we don't have unlimited diamonds like others who buy packages a little unfair LTFiredogg zone 80

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    too many server crashes

    to fix the server crashes make a mini server to join in too many players in one server makes game freeze and log out

    măštėrŁÖÇKĒT zone 126
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    Siiiii me gusta. Cada dia me pico mas!!!! Jjjjj

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