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Thread: 24hours shield taked out, and got zeroed..

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    24hours shield taked out, and got zeroed..

    Hello on weekends pvp my friend put 24hoours shield, when pvp started. When pvp was in middle of war the shield taked off.. He was even off.. and he been zeroed, 1.3M troops t3 was lossed and 92k defences t3.. please compensate his troops back... dont understand why is happening, everypvp now we have to make screen shots when we put shields on... please help my friend as quick as its possible.
    Even he have screenshot when he put it on.
    Zone 4 - Bandera
    Game name - MrDainius
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    Can you please post around the UTC Time the shield was used? It will help with checking the logs about the shield.

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    It was around 00:00, dont know exactly time, but from 23:00 to 00:00 should be something like that.

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    Sorry that we cannot check you with your issue here because we need to keep your account information safe. Please contact us from in game customer service and give the information then we will deal with your issue. Thanks!

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    We already did, waiting for response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeImAnTaS View Post
    We already did, waiting for response.
    We will get back to you and help you with you soon. Thanks for your cooperation!

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