Hello Commanders!

For those who really want to find a guild in a new zone that will be able to compete against the overload of Chinese, well here it is, you have found one!

First off for those who don't know what "jumping" is, it's basically where you set up a base in one of the zones before yours opens, you spend days/weeks preparing collecting diamonds, speed ups and resources and maxing out your base to LEVEL 5 ONLY. (You cannot jump at level 6+, so don't go there!)

Currently, we are preparing in Z144, we go by the guild name Reincarnation (RN+) which was also set up by myself in Z44 where we are the governing guild.

The current Reincarnation that will be jumping is also set up by myself and many other Z1, Z44 & Z58 players, meaning we have tons of experience for sure! Z151/153 is expected to be at least 5-7 days away maybe even longer, so there is still lots of time to prepare with us.

If your interested in jumping with us, you are active daily, experienced or new, spender or non-spender we are happy to take you, just make sure your open minded and willing to take advice, we will sure help you get on your way to a great invasion experience!

My Details-
Contact Z144: TheMemphis
Guild Tag: RN+