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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.0

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    Está super lento y se frisa más ahora el juego

    Se para mucho el juego mientras se está jugando y luego se me sale por favor reparen eso y otra cosa hagan que uno pueda enviar tiempo y otros artículos que no sean suministro a los demás de la alianza please pero después todo muy bien

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    Love :
    1. Really love the new chest option on the resource mines.
    2. Operations are faster that previous revision I feel like.

    Issues Facing:
    1. The game is crashing or pausing whenever I am trying to open battle reports.
    2. Switching to another account which is linked to another FB account is not working many times.
    3. Didn't like the way the tutorial started again when first logged back in after the update.

    Zone : 116
    Character : NightFury09

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    As the base to put some nice gifts, but he always comes out three boxes immoral coincided bad gift. .. Always remove or bad gift? ? No, I think I like this set and allocate time to fool anyone not think he respects

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    Graphics is much better, but having lag experience when open mail and switching between base to map area.
    Some times map detail load slower.
    BIG BOYZ from area#111

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    접속과 동시에그전에볼수없엇던 렉들과 이해할수가없는 블루 스크린. 아직 이걸 보완해야하는 업데이트 및 패치가 있어야 한다 생각합니다. 하지만 수시로 기지내에 있는 자원을 채취할수있는거어대해 기쁘다. 하지만 자원이 나오는 기준이 어떤기준인지 이해가 안된다,그 기지에 맞는 자원양이아닌이상 어쩌면 불필요한 행동. 차라리 그걸 시간이지나면 자동적으로 내자원리스트에 흡수가 되는게 좋은방법일꺼같다.
    Zone48 DMZ TIGERKING18

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    The update is fien the only thing that drives me mad about it is the sharing stories to facebook.. pleas stop it . Its driving me and fellow facebook friends mad lol.. apart from that keep up the good work guys!!
    (HBC)Konig wee #48

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    The new version is great except for the in base RSS collection. It will make it impossible to gather the required resources without constantly clicking on the farms. For those who a,ready have everything, it does not matter, but for those whom still need tons, it will become quite discouraging. Please revert the base RSS back to its original state ASAP, thank you.
    Zone 32

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    good game, i will plays game everyday

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