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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.0

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    Nice grafic.. easy playing

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    Although the extra chest for rss are great it is a pain to have to click on the boxes to collect the rss. I wish there was another way to get the 3 gold chest rewards rather than having to click all the rss.
    That's all I found I do not like so far. Most all else I very much like.

    Thanks for the login compensation!!!!

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    I don't like the fact I have to uncheck the share button everytime I want to do something, fb doesn't care for spamming, nor do my family and friends

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    The largest frustration is a lack of a gather all on the rss producers. Easy to hit on the iPad. Much more difficult to collect rss from my producers on the galaxy edge. Screen size.
    The switching accounts option leaves a lot of room for improvement. I now dedicate devices to my accounts.

    What is like to see:
    Allied guild rss trade
    Gift giving across the zone
    A selector button to default allocate enough troops to clear a rss tile
    More rss tile replenishments.
    Upgrade medals without having to detach
    Custom officer profiles so we can fast select our production officers vs our war officers

    Keep moving forward T4F.
    Z83 OrionLTD

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    I love this game from beginning to end.
    Thanks for its team (best team)
    I hoped to share with you this huge job.

    zone #147

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    IPad version sucks. I get booted about every time I try to read my mail. And about every 5 mins I'm navigating in the zone.. Worst version for stability I've ever seen.

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    Çok sık versiyon değişimi yapılıyor ve oyun esnasında ekranda donma oluyor ve oyundan çok sık atıyor benim şikayetlerim bunlar.

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    I really like the chest aspects and the ability to repost already posted mail to Facebook for gems. It's an easy, free way to receive diamonds. However, I noticed that the speak to type aspect of the Apple iPhone does is incompatible with the game, every time I've used it my game has frozen. Might be a small bug or glitch? But either way it's a superb game.

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