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Thread: Guild Contribution

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    Guild Contribution

    In the guild member rankings, there are two categories. One is obvious. It's power rankings. The second is Guild Contribution

    My question is, what affects guild contribution?

    In my guild, I'm number one at the moment, but I don't even know how I got there

    Hopefully somebody will shed some light on this for me. Thanks

    EasyKill zone 60

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    Guild contribution would be helping guild members. Using the guild help option. Doing it gives you contribution.

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    Something must affect it besides just guild help. A new guy just joined our guild today, and he's already number 1 in guild contribution. Must have something to do with core power of troops? He can't have shot up to number 1 with 4million if he just joined.

    Anyone know the answer?

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    It carries over from guild to guild. It is your total for the account. I think it corresponds to how much your activites have contributed to guild coins. As for what affects it sending guild helps is one and I believe guild missions as well. There must be other factors as well.

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