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Thread: Spam Bot own TF4

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    Spam Bot own TF4

    Spam Bots are dominating Invasion. Multiple servers are experience this problem. I have personally reported and talked with customer service and their reply to me was to keep reporting till the newbie account gets banned and as the spammers create new accounts keep reporting and getting those banned. Customer service said they can't stop people from creating accounts. This problem has been going on for over a month. T4F either refuses to create a fix, can't create a fix, or just doesn't care about the gamer who's game play experience is degraded with this annoying spambot.

    If third party spambot apps cannot be stopped and blatantly allowed to ruin the game, what other cheating type activities are T4F allowing to run free in our zones?

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    Hi Joe! We are sorry for the trouble. We have been working on this issue. The account will be permanently muted once we receive the report. And it's restricted recently that players whose HQ level is under 5 can't talk in zone chat. We want to keep a clean and health game environment jus as you do. Please believe that we are always trying our best to deal with this issue. Besides we kindly suggest you to click Report button and we will deal with this issue soon. Thanks!

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