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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.1

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    It is bull shit. Yall fucked up zvz. Our zone has spent thousands of dollars just for zvz and we can't even see the other, but yet they can port here. Good job. So we spent all that money for nothing and yall have no customer service people to even respond. It's bs! You going to roll back servers and give us our money back. Didn't think so. Yall don't care you still got your money.

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    Muy buena actualizacion. Pero todavia sigue fallando el chat, despues de 5 minutos tengo que reiniciar la aplicacin. El Simulador de tiro es muy adictivo. El evento de zona vs zona deberia ser mas equitativo o similares en potencia. En este evento encontre puros rivales que nos superaban facilmente en un 600%. Sigan asi Invasion High Command.
    Zona 70

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    this game fantastic. when i play this game i take enjoying from this game

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    Just there is a big problem that now with the new version the game keeps crashing

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    It's a great patch fixed a few bugs on my end of the game now it's just time to get my war on!

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    I've just join this game, it's so addictive, thank you.

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    Great update the farms were a good i dea and i like the new map how ever from what i have seen you carnt use the last 3 guild buildings and no one in my zone knows why (75R)eznove zone 139

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