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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.1

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    Beautifull good
    Information :

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    Good updates like the tap to collect feature

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    The news version was so nice and much helpful with easy to play .

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    version time and button

    Version is OK
    We still have problems with time on main screen right before we get free time with green button that recycle right before done, and keep cycling as the free button was not allowed
    The other point the number on mission are too big, with red color...but no problem, just ugly....

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    This is a game upbeat tap4fun keep the good work on guys we love u all, Name GeneralWiszy Zone 102

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    La mina de diamantes, tiene fallas al abrir las cajas durante la linea de tiempo de invitaciones Facebook ya que no se abren y los RSS no llegan . quizß un poco extremadamente largo los dÝas de construccion. Todo lo demßs excelente. Y algunos detalles como la falla de servidores . espero les ayude a crecer mi comentario.

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    С каждым обновлением какие то косяки то Клава прячется то теперь не видно что строится

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    I like the new activities and had to adjust to a few but all in all its going to be a plus for your team. Hard on the snow flakes? ,lol thanks again. Zone :

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