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    Zone vs Zone

    So I don't want to sound like that impatient person trying to pry details out of an upcoming update but I do have a sort of complaint or plea if you want and that is because at this time my zone is being dominated by an almost 200m player and pretty much hates anyone who is a threat and makes the game miserable for us since we are the only guild who has paying players that can keep up with her.
    Believe me I am not one to gripe about a few attacks I know how the game works but this is unreal and even when we built up(some of my guys spending thousands of dollars) and started killing her guild she just made our allies a deal and turned them against us. Or something on the lines of that. Point is there is really no fun left on this zone unless you like pumping money into a game just to get zeroed everyday. People have quit and I see many more doing the same.
    So my question for anyone is, will there be an option once z vs z starts for us to be able to choose a new permanent zone so atleast we can be rid of this one person for awhile and get our money worth out of this game. That's all I want to know and if the answer is no I think there definitely should be. It just has to be like the newbie teleports where we are randomly spread out then we have to join up with our guild in a disired zone and ofcourse if you hold the monument in a zone you will want to stay there. Please don't screw us on this one I really love this game but change is good and if we are stuck in this crappy zone much longer idk how much money you guys will be making off of us so please just give us the option to tp once it starts. Thank you

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    I agree, in part, with your sediments. In some early zones, especially 1-10, the play has become fairly stagnant and non-competitive. One, two or three guilds are essentially completely dominating the zone with very little opportunity for other guilds.

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    I totally agree with the notion of hastening the advent of zone vs zone or opening a world where players large or small can port to where competition can offer bigger resource tiles and improved governor functions in tandem with zone vs zone wars. There is no challenge for bigger players so new players just get hammered into quitting. If you want to draw more people to play and stay then it has to be more competitive.

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    That wouldn't happen to be zone 18 by any chance ?

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    Don't feel bad or alone Paul. Zone 17 is going the same way to a point. The top guilds rule and the lower ones have no choice but to merge and become invisible or continuously be zeroed at every PvP. I see it constantly, people leaving the game spending their money on other games instead. I'm in one of the top guilds in the zone and I'm completely unimpressed with the direction that the game is headed, I hope for that same chance or to have ZvZ bring us new opportunities and hope for fun, conquest and glory. That's what I play a WAR game for and spend my money.

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    So zone vs zone is a bust we only get once a month. T4f you should really consider pushing a zone merger atleast for the first 20 zones. Many players have quit because the game is no longer fun with only 2 or so active guilds in each zone. DO SOMETHING other then try to get all the money out of us you can then abandon us. The ones who stayed are your loyal customers so you should WANT to take care of us

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    ZvZ has saved the interest in this game for most in z9 although too infrequent. Most would prefer to 1) eliminate pvp altogether and fight only as a zone, or 2) drop the walls and merge zones to increase population for pvp activity.

    In older, more experienced zones, PvP has become stagnant and out of the 32 hrs of actual pvp during a week, only 6hrs are effective for fighting. The 24hr pvp is effective only for the first hour, last hour, and somewhat 8hrs into pvp when people forget and their too little too late 8hr shield drops.

    Drop the 24hr pvp, make Zvz bi-weekly and I think most will be satisfied.

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