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Thread: Getting attacked by high level players

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    Getting attacked by high level players

    I'm only level 29 hall lvl8 i can get attacked by level almost 4times my level.... wtf pla fix this somehow. If you can't do it atleasr increase the resources that can be protected.

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    Lvl 29? What game are u playing?
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    He's probably talking commander level. It's all part of the game my friend. You'll have to learn to protect your troops better

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    You need to learn how to protect your troops and resources...1 shield... 2 send troops and resources to someone in ur guild who's shielded, and 3 take rally ur troops and send it RSS to someone who is shielded. It's not hard to not get killed by bullies...I get hit every PvP by t4s and the first hit I let them hit cos I can take a t4 hit and the second time they send I shield or move my troops. It's a strategy war game with strategy being the key word.
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    It has been done in other games, creating a penalty or cost to attack too far below your weight class. And, I might add, it's worked well. It prevents easy farming of weak players and makes for a more challenging strategic game. Preventing attacks is just dumb, but making it cost you something to hit a lowbie works

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    Make Sure to have ample garage space so you can repair rather then rebuild after an attack and honestly if players are 4x your level attacking your regularly you need to move someone else, and not have that much RSS on for long periods of inactive time

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