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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.4

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    Your newest updates SUCK...minimum food requirement is untenable. Base layout , graphics and info bars are unusable. Its quite likely i will bev q
    uitting this game since you screwed it up. Thanks for nothing.

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    Don't play then I work 10 to 14 hours a day and find time

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    Are the RSS gathering now automatic

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    Can't collect rss bonus on bases no more

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    Cant use the rss to collect bonus from the base

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    Well I don't know where to write. I have a problem. Rabel just finished and on lvl 51 I didn't get a 2000 gold. Even someone who can do it plx help me?

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    Update ,maintenance, maintenance . when do I get to play?

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    Can't get on to game it keeps updating and crashing with zvz about to start it sucks guys we pay more for this game than buying an Xbox PS4 together and this update is killing it for everyone

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    When do we get the 2 year event or is it going to be tvt.
    There needs to be more ingame activities not just sign in events it's rubbish there's nothing for alot of players to do other than gather an hit the forts daily an with you canceling all these events you've turned the game into how about removing the elites from the ruins an putting them all over the map like the terrorist but for different amounts and adding more action points to the game especially now with this new mini game.
    You need to add content not take it away of you expect players to spend time on the game let alone there money come on t4f get a grip this game hasn't moved much in 3 years

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