Here's my build so far:

Commander level 45.
Lab level 18
Armory level 17
Production speed increase as listed in armory 214% (from 13 Mints)

My Commander Talent for Unit Production I is at 15/15
My Research level for Unit Production as listed in combat tab is 1/1
My Research level for Unit Production as listed in the production tab is 6/10.

These are nearly max for my HQ level, yet my unit production levels appear *MUCH* slower than anyone I talk to about it yet we can't figure out whats wrong.
In my armory(17) when I drag the slider for a troop production all the way over I max out at
1937 troops produced requiring 10 hours 16 minutes and 52 seconds for S3 Wasp, Kodiak and Eagle.
1937 troops produced requiring 13 hours 42 minutes and 30 seconds for S3 Cobra.

This is much slower than anyone I talk to and I cannot build an army at this rate. What Am I doing wrong?

**I've tested a little with more Armories, and have discovered just as their description says: that I can produce more troops with less clicks (in one production session) but not in less time. I'll use simple numbers just for an example that is easy to follow...

I find that (for example only) 1 armory can produce 100 troops in 1 hour, at a max session.
I find that (for example only) 2 armories can produce 200 troops in 2 hours, at a max session.
This is not faster production, just producing more per click. I still seem to be able to produce the same small number of troops in a 24 hour period either way?
So I went with more mints to boost the production speed increase bonus.**

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me to increase my total number of Troops produced in a 24 hour period.