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    Originally i was from server #2 Dome now 150 after i took a long break. I came back and here is what i think about the game changes. I like the commanders, badges, and all the new stuff, great job. I do not like how hard some of the events are- the ones i noticed most- biggest change is research event i mean wtf now all that little research i put time into never pays off, not in power or research. Nerf the prizes so and make it easier so i can at least get some kind of payout? The war sim is a lot harder for non spenders due to the lack of chips. Even with daily solo and guild quest chip payouts. Tweek it some. Glory event rewards are terrible compared to what they used to be and a lot harder to reach. Buff rewards or nerf points needed plz. I do enjoy the game and dont have a problem sucribing monthly but i would like to see some changes back the way it was in some ways but maybe im just old school. Thanks for hearing me out, a returning fan

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    One more thing i would like to see actually is more resources in 100 packs and i would buy them. As of now your game is ripping me off anything over about 20 bucks. I think your losing out on sales... I know people wanted better 100 dollar chest a year ago.

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    i think the reason these events are getting harder is because most players have made much progress since then and will want a more challenging experience. although for new players they will have trouble completing the events, a nerf shouldn't be necessary, because the prizes are acceptable compared to the work required to get them . The war sim only comes around every few days if your not on 24/7 looking for it. and that should be enough time to get enough chips to get all 3 of the prizes. as of right now i am content with all the events expect the gathering event there should be better prizes. also i agree that the 100 dollar pack needs to be way better for that price.

    -TheChosen1 [UNC] Z34

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