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Thread: Auto Prisoner Release and Officer Refunds

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    Auto Prisoner Release and Officer Refunds

    Just a quick one but I have 2 ideas:-

    1. When you have prisoners and you need to shield. Currently, you need to release then shield. This is a time consuming process.

    I believe when you try to shield it should auto release prisoners. This is especially useful for when you have caught a Commander and the march is returning while under attack.

    2. We should be able to trade in unwanted officers. I currently have 9 officers I dont even use anymore. Its extremely frustrating seeing them there thinking how many items are wasted.

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    I totally agree, it will make our game play easier.
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    I'm actually against the idea of prisoners being auto-released. I find it to be a tactic to attack a player who has a prisoner so they don't have enough time to shield. But thats just my opinion.

    I do like your idea for the officers though. I have a few officers I don't really use anymore and I would love to get some materials back out of them.

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    Maybe a popup to not capture a commander during battle so you won't get caught.

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