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Thread: Update 1.3 feedback

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    Agree with all of the above. You are taking the gaming experience in a BACKWARD direction.

    BTW. None of the updates have fixed the march icon problem. I can have six marches out. There are six tabs to check each one. Once I hit one tab and see the march, regardless of what other tab I hit, it keeps showing the same march unless I go into base and then back to map

    Most of the solutions you offer for various problems is RESTART YOUR GAME. That is getting very old.

    I have an excellent connection to the internet, so let's not blame my connection anymore either.

    So much more to say, but I believe it's falling on deaf ears

    SpeedRacer V zone 60

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    The last thing anyone wants to do in a phone game when attacking, gathering, or occupying is to RESTART THEIR GAME

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    Hi Philip.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. For the lag issue, please try to delete the gamne, clear the cache and reinstall to check if things get better.
    For the Maneuver rewards issue, I am still testing it. Please give me some time.
    For the rss rewards, we have simplified the collecting page by replacing the confirmation button with the confirmation page, which means you could click wherever you want instead of clicking a single button.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip Smith View Post
    Serious issues. Some have been mention, but a MAJOR issue with this latest update as far as the game WORKING, is it has slowed to a crawl. It lags so bad. It took me 1 hr 15 min to switch between my farm accounts and my main. When it used to only take me MAYBE 15 minutes or less, to switch between all accounts..
    Now we have to log off of account, and WAIT..
    Then choose what type of account we want to log into.. and WAIT
    Then enter the email and password for that account... and WAIT
    Then we get to the game and the game runs like a snail stuck in molasses..
    The game graphics don't look any better or worse, yet the game itself runs at about 1/4 the speed it did before..

    The interface to switch between account before was simple and quick. All that was needed was the password to enter into each account.. But now, having to log in and out of each account, and having to type email and password, and it all running like crap, makes for a long drawn out terrible gaming experience.. I'm NOT looking forward to see how PVP plays out with all the LAG in the game now...

    The Diamond mine is no longer a diamond mine. It has turned into a cheap gift shop.. So that name of the mine should be changed, and the graphical image on the base should be changed as well.. Maybe something that resembles a local drug store or small shop..

    All rewards from the Maneuver Runs don't show what you received in a chest you acquire from the runs.. You now only see a picture of the type of item you get from a chest, but no longer see the amount.. So you may see a picture of a SPEED, but you don't know if it is a 1 min speed, or a 30 min speed.. Etc....

    The extra prizes you get from tapping on your base resources no longer have the confirmation button, but you still must tap twice on the final selection to continue.. So you eliminated a button to push, but not the requirement to have to push the button.. This causes a little confusion... Just one more thing that has regressed in this update..

    This latest UPDATE has brought DOWN this game to a level of BETA stages... On a quad core tablet, this game ran OK..not great but okay.. Now it plays like I'm on a single core old school phone from 5 or 6 years ago... Very... Very bad UPDATE...
    The Maneuver glitch will be fixed soon. Please give us some time. Thanks!

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