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Thread: Horrible Update

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    Damn, back normal gameplay back..
    Greedy stupid downgrade....

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    I spend money on my multiple accounts. Good job T4F. You just lost a paying customer.

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    My diamond-mine shows 30/30 ...with nearly 1000 FB-Friends. What a shame for T4F! This update kills the game, stop woth this nonsense!
    Anti Update Competition - no diamonds, no players

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    Everything said is spot on...HORRIBLE UPDATE! You guys cut diamond mine by 40% and think we won't notice? Username and password everytime we switch T4F accounts is so stupid. Get rid of the stupid extra RSS bubbles if all we ever get is 6,500 Steel or 20,000's a waste of time without real rewards.

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    Well done T4F, another update and another pile of sh*t.

    We'll be getting loads of 'Sorry Commander' emails over the next few days due to this balls upof an update.

    How the fuck are you optimising the game when you are making it harder to log in, take diamonds away and provide pathetic UI that is slow asfuck.

    I have six paying accounts in zone40 that you just lost you morons.....

    Try listening to the people that pay your wages....

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    I'll be quitting account switching is biggest bull ever

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