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Thread: New update = Death of invasion

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    Angry New update = Death of invasion

    So, this new update has just ruined the game, why?

    Diamond mine may as well be scrubbed, switching to the mass of farm accounts is now just pointless, as you have to manually type in the login details each time you want to transfer resources. Sharing msgs for diamonds has now been changed to resources, why?

    It seems that Invasion made it easy for people to get diamonds, however realised it was perhaps just too easy, so made an update and screwed everyone over, thus making spending just a little bit more expensive.

    By far the worse customer service team on any app, I sent a mail 2 weeks ago and yet to receive a reply (pathetic really).

    If you're a Multi-Millionaire, then the above wouldn't matter to you, and unlike being Chinese, there are zones that don't spend to T4 within 24hrs. But hey, if tap would like to ruin this game for others by implementing a crappy update, so be it, however I can see a ton of people quitting soon if nothing gets sorted.

    Rant over

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    I agree they changed it because they want you to spend money which I can not afford so I will be quitting.

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    I really, really hate, and I know that hate is a strong word, but it is appropriate for this situation.. This newest update has made Invasion less user friendly and more of a pain to play. A lot of the FUN factor has been removed from the game.. Having to type in each email and password for each and every account, is a total bummer.. And the Diamond mine is a joke now. It is a DIAMOND MINE. Not a Diamond and or RESOURCE mine.... The only thing I do like about the update is that when you tap on a base on the map, you no longer see the power for the base.. It forces you to have to scout to see what is going on in the base..
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    If u examine the individual pieces of this update, the rationale becomes crystal clear. Login for fb accounts has become very user unfriendly. The mine, which is also fb dependent, has been gutted to the point of being useless. The login protocol for Google bound accounts is fast and simple as ever. So it seems apparent that T4F is now discouraging FB bound ACCTS in an effort to minimize the availability of free diamonds, and subsequently push the sales of packs up. I would predict that the next act of brilliance will be either to reduce the prize payout for rebels, or increase the difficulty to limit the number of players achieving lv100.
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    I guess I can delete all the users I added to facebook since I won't be getting more that 30 peoples diamonds.

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    You can ! And you can unbind your account from FB. There is no longer any chance to get Dimes. That was the worst Update, Ive ever seen across the Gameworld. Thx T4f. Really great

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    Why this mine still called DIAMOND?!?!?!
    Thanks for downgrade game...

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    The log ins for multiple Gmail accounts is worse.....not quite sure how you think it is 'very simple' - it was before the update as all emails were stored, you only needed to select the account then enter the password...

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    I understand everyones anger. I really hope they plan on changing many of these changes back.

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    Now I can't see who find rebels base.. good work..

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