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Thread: New update = Death of invasion

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    A short time ago I changed the Guild and I leaved my old guild over a button telling me that I can take all the fields I owned with me... this was bullshit. I wrote to the support and never got an answer back. Instead of fixing such things and realizing all the good ideas we bring you, you are boring us now with a so called update - just to see if we will spend more money. FORGET IT!

    You killed the game and it realy seems you don't need your community any longer... not even some words from you... no mail in the game... nothing. You seem to have made your descision as well as I will descide too.. you wont get one more Cent from me until you downgrade again. And please don't think that I am going to play your next game... once is enough.

    Shame on you and I hope nobody will ever pay again. T4F... you did it!
    Anti Update Competition - no diamonds, no players

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    When I logged in I had 17 gifts, 3 of them were diamonds the rest was crap...

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    the new update is absolutely horrible i hate everything about it, this is the first update i have said this on T4F i enjoy this game, yet each update you fuck it up more and more. work on the internal functions of the game and stop messing with the damn display, what is the point of having a forum if you pay almost no attention to it yet keep making the game look more like other mainstream games. yet the only reason i gave this game a chance in the first place was because it stood out now it looks like almost every other game. instead of making shitty updates take some time to read these forums, because your going to keep messing up and its going to be late and no one will play this game anymore, forget about the money for two seconds and think about the community you created and how your actions and indecisiveness is destroying it. these people who are telling how to fix the game are the last line, of players you have, once we stop playing it will be a domino effect, and it will be too late to correct your mistakes. this is my only advice to you take time to read, and understand what we want and, stop thinking about how to make more money off of bad ideas. who ever came up with this new update is a fucking idiot, believe me when i say this, i see more and more people going inactive everyday. and i wonder why i am still here, but i am determined to see this through because i actually enjoy this game so please, listen to the community before there isn't one to listen to...

    -TheChosen1 Z34 [UNC]

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    This is hands down the best game i have played but with this new update messes everything up. I thought it was a diamond mine for a reason! CHANGE IT BACK!

    xKILLERx z42

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    I havent been able to log in all day. The game gets stuck loading at 62%

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    More than 13. Hrs im ready for a refund

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    Although I know I can handle getting enough diamonds to stay protected. Many will no longer be able to. As these players deplete the last if thier diamonds Several things are going to happen, first they will get zeroed. Second they may quit, they may learn how to suffer the agony of logging in every 8 hours to hide troops. This is the first layer of issues. The second layer is once the bottom tier become frustrated and quit. The next tier becomes the bottom. Soon causing them frustrations and quit. Then the next tier of players. So on and so forth until only your spenders are left. Who have no desire to play because noone is left in your servers. And with noone left, they no longer spend. But please don't listen to your players. Please don't punish the abusers who violate your TOC. Please just punish the rest of us. Please don't do the obvious solution and limit system generated diamonds on accounts level 5 and below. Please don't make selling resources near impossible by limiting the amount you can transfer from zone to zone. Instead hurt every player. Thanks.

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    The trouble with Invasion, because they've copied everything from Game of War, they're trying to act like them as well. It doesn't work.

    What also annoys me with Invasion, is that they're unhappy with people trying to sell accounts etc. If someone spends thousands getting to t4, then they should also have the right to sell the account, if they want to. GOW tried to stop users doing that, however 80% of the users boycotted the developers and the new T&C were changed.

    I think what invasion need to implement, is to change the interface back to the previous update, and start changing the chests to make them more appealing to purchase, because let's face it, nobody likes seeing one research for say 300 days, and with a gold chest only holding 20 days worth of speedups.

    If they went back to the previous update, changed the chests, and listened to their customers, then I'm sure Invasion would do quite well. However on the course they're currently on, it's doomed.

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    Don't be fooled by this arms investment thing. Although there is no risk. The tiered system is aimed at getting you to buy diamonds.

    Unfortunately a guild member of mine who is quitting spent over 50k diamonds on the research centre just before this activity started.

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