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Thread: Do you call this one update?

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    Do you call this one update?

    Hi Support

    Sry... what you have done is the biggest shit I have ever seen in a game. My Diamond mine shows me 30/30 instead of 1000/1000 and now wi the last mail you are telling me that I wont get my 1000 diamonds daily? Will the shields get cheaper too? Do you think I own a bank or what? Instead of diamonds you are throwing with food now... a reason for me to look for a new game. I am VIP 6 and I always put some money in the game. This will definitly have an end now as I am not going to support a team making a good game and then killing it in front of my eyes.

    The simulator is damn slow, mail to support from IPad is not possible (access denied), many pics have to load for a long time... please!... take this damn update back, get your money back for this horrible update and give me my good old game again.

    Before I started with this game I was a Grepolis-player. I nearly had 100 cities and then they fucked up the game. A reason to leave everything behind me and start with something new. A very sad story and I hope you wont make the same mistake. I promiss, you will not loose your face if you take this changes back... a lot of us would be glad!

    At the moment I am realy pissed off.

    >>> btw... you promissed us 7000 diamonds 8 hours after update... did you forget that?
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    Now I can't see who find rebels base.. good work.. Mine still called DIAMOND? )))

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    Very well said Justin. This game is now compelling me to quit, and I'll definitely quit. There is PvP/ZvZ and sometimes 24/7 war within the zone, how we'll be able to shield the base without the diamonds. Now only money spenders will be able to grow and protect themselves. I condemn the recent update.

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