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Thread: I did not get a prize from tournament.

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    I did not get a prize from tournament.

    I did not get a prize from war simulator tournament twice. This 4000 diamonds.
    I did not get a prize after killing rebel level 51
    This 2000 diamonds.
    Total 6000. Nice update butthead T4F...

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    This error occured to many ppl.... Me too. No answer

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    You should email Tap4Fun your issue. I haven't had this issue occur to myself - are you certain you have gained the correct amount of points required for the 4,000 diamonds Gold chest reward in war simulator event?

    Also, did you go to Level 51 rebel for your diamonds as it was changed a while back from 50 to 51 for the 2,000 diamonds rewards.

    If your answers are certain you did things correctly, email Tap4Fun and they will look into it surely. We are still into the weekend, so bare with them as there is usually little support weekends.

    - Regards,
    Sir Memphis.

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