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Thread: Jumper protection

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    Jumper protection

    Ok T4F I was just thinking and I thought that maybe if you guys would take that 15 day zone protection down for the Jumpers because I always loved being able to jump to a zone right when it opens and having a big fight over the monument with other jumper guilds but now it's not as competitive now it is just who ever gets there first and spends the most right away. It was more exciting when two jumper guilds jumped to the same zone and tried to outgrow each other and take the monument first.

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    Although I totally agree how fun it is when jumping and finding new challenges and new enemies.

    However, I think it's much better as it is now, creates a lot more fairness!

    Just my opinion!

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    Now I do see your reasoning but what is the difference if I jump day 1 as a vip 5 or if I spawn a new account as soon as it opens and buy my way to vip 6 or 7 and speed way to the top of the power ranks.

    There is no difference other than the people who can spend 500$ day one and speed their way to hq 20 and 10+mil will not have much competition since the Jumpers can't jump day 1 to give some competition lol.

    I just thought it was better without the 15 day shield but It is good both ways really.

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