Hello Commanders,

So I was thinking, a little competition on the forum each week held by myself and also a chance to show off some of your best hits/traps or whatever it is what you've done that's special!

The competition will be split into 2 sections;

Comp 1 - Individuals(Solo hits or traps)
Comp 2 - Guilds(Rally hits or rally defences)

*How to enter?*
To enter.. it's very simple, you just need to show your report on this thread from a screenshot and at the end of the week I will pick out the best!
Next to your report, state your power and zone - I will be able to contact you in-game to confirm that you are the official poster of the screenshots (SO NO CHEATING FOLKS!)

Use the below;

- In-game Name:
- Zone:
- Screenshot:
- Comp: Individual or guild?

Good luck and get posting!