Hi, I resently moved guilds and wanted to transfer my territory with me when I moved, at the time I transfered I had 5,103 tiles, the most in my zone. I now have zero, some of my tiles have moved with me to the new guild but the vast majority have not and none of them are credited to me (meaning my currently occupied tiles is at 0). I really hope you guys can help sort this out, 5000 tiles really is a lot and it took a huge amount of time to take them, having to do so again for tiles that should already be mine would be incredible annoying. I'm sure I moved correctly, as evidenced my the small amount of tiles that followed me across, I don't know why the rest haven't.

Thanks, moose juice.

Zone: 110
Cords: 350, 482
Username: Moose Juice
Old guild: OR#
New guild: UN^