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Thread: Failed To get account info try again help me!!!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the message that I get then I try to login..

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    zone 14
    cant login
    acct SaRNaC
    apple phone
    gets to 50% then get
    Connection Error with Platform server error

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    Hey tap4fun but now not fun. I try login till last 3-4 hours and cant login. Somebody knows whats going on? Still have information of changing network connectin but i tried 3 different connectin problem still ongoing
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    z217... I also can't log in. "Platform Sever Error"

    Money cannot buy experience.

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    Same as above, "Platform Server Error"

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    I can't get into my account either and neither can my husband. It keeps saying "Connection Error. Platform Server Error" once we get to about 50%. Tap4Fun better have a ton of speedups and resources to replace our troops if they die and get the rest out of the garage. Most of us carry 500k to 2 million too! Where can we post an image of the error? Asylumc3, zone 156
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dei Mantas View Post
    My account just got zeroed 450k troops lost I cant still login to game I dont know how but you going to replace my troops!!
    Sh! T bro, Im next AND IT ZONE WAR :'0

    Tap pleass fix this

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    Are u gonna giv the post owner his lost troops?? Im in same guild as he and saw then he got zeroed because his account didnt worked of ur problems...

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    Sorry for the delay of reply. We apologize for the inconvenience brought to you. The log-in issue has been fixed already and you can log in the game normally. Players who got attacked during the period of log-in issue have been given troops back. And also, we have delivered the below compensation, please collect them timely:

    - 2000 diamonds *x1
    - 150000 oil x 8
    - 150000 steel x 5
    - 50000 cash x 5
    - 30min speed up x 10
    - 60min speed up x 15

    Thanks for your understanding.

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