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Thread: Cannot log in through Facebook or main account

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    Cannot log in through Facebook or main account

    Ok so I'm having problems logging in through Faceboook to my main account and I'm trying to figure out why i can't. I can create a new account and get in and yet i can't with my main anybody can tell me why?

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    yes I'm having the same problem? All i can do is use a new account?

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    This problem happened to me, try switching accounts now (if 24hrs has passed) and it should work fine.
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    Yea it's not working i tried logging in with my Facebook again and it just does the same thing restarts the game.

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    Sorry for the delay of reply. We apologize for the inconvenience brought to you. The log-in issue has been fixed already and you can log in the game normally. Players who got attacked during the period of log-in issue have been given troops back. And also, we have delivered the below compensation, please collect them timely:

    - 2000 diamonds *x1
    - 150000 oil x 8
    - 150000 steel x 5
    - 50000 cash x 5
    - 30min speed up x 10
    - 60min speed up x 15

    We will continuously observe our game, once finding any issue, we will fix it asap. As suggestion, please kindly try again to enter the game by switching wifi to phone data. After that, if you still cannot enter the game, for a better check, please send us a screenshot of the error code. Thanks for your understanding.

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