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Thread: Defense for (T3 Players)-Updated

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    Lightbulb Defense for (T3 Players)-Updated

    i have talked to many in my zone and gathered a updated post on how to play defense-
    Most importantly to play defense you must spec all you talents in defense and Total health also if you have defences it would be nice to use any left over for defense attack and defense def.
    -officers try to find any officers that offer any defense at all and use defense, health, and defense attack and defense health medals
    -Emp and defense boosts are also important, you use emp so that players don't see your defenses and send a march full of cannons which would mess up your day as defenses are hard to come by. wait until there attack is half way to your base then use a defense boost which well cancel your emp but there is a good chance they wont scout again.
    -Positioning if you have a big hive try to get in the center of it to give your self as much time as possible to set up formation switch emp out and etc
    -garages are the most important for defense, test this out with 200-300k garage space and see how much troops you lose on average then go from there and see how many more garages you will need to lose zero troops because if you lose zero troops on every hit your unstoppable until you either get rallied or run out of RSS and speedups to repair.
    -Bating most players by now most of us know of this tacit so you it might be awhile before someone risks it to hit you especially with emp up this works best in the last hour of zvz because the other zone are desperate for points and will risk it hopes of winning and if you do this correctly you just extended your lead by an estimated 1m points because destroying T4 gives you 30 points per kill.
    -Notice try to keep your troops between 1m-1.5m because if you have too much power big T4 wont solo you anymore only rally and there is a big difference between 375k T4 and 2.375m
    -as in everything in this game nothing is foolproof there is always a chance you can encounter a 150%+ boosts player and get destroyed so use discernment. and most importantly have fun.
    if there is anything i missed let me know

    -TheChosen1 {Unc} z34
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    Attack boosts are working while defending my hq ?

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    Excellent thread.. I wish I seen this post when I was a T3 player. Probably would have saved me getting zerod so many times LOL
    May the Force be with you

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