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Thread: Setting up talent points

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    Setting up talent points

    So does it cost a talent reset to set up the new talent sets? Also it would be nice to see similar preset to marching troops. I hate that it only uses your last march for everything when your sending gathers, guild mines etc. Having 3 sets of marches would be great!

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    I mean that would be nice but when it comes down to it that's really just extra work and extra coding for tap to do a besides we can't become that lazy the Talent setting yes because that takes almost 2 mins every time you set them but march sets aren't necessarily worth wild -TheChosen1 Z34

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    I agree with the assessment that you should be able to configure your Talent sets without having to use a Talent Reset. That way you can have them all ready and you would only consume a Talent Reset to make one your current "active" Talent Profile.

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