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    Lightbulb Fortress cannon

    I had a look onto the guild buildings and there I can see some buildings and also a fortress cannon, walls and a war factory but the are locked.... How can my guild and I unlock these buildings? I really have no idea how can we do it....
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    They aren't unlock able yet we have to wait for the devs to update them and have them available
    -TheChosen1 Z34

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    This new feature has not been released in the game game yet. So far, we can only unlock super mine, research centre and manuever base.

    Super mine : Gives millions of rss to share with guild members
    Research centre: allows all guild members to donate food to upgrade stats like fast construct, research and increase combat stats
    Manuever base : allows players to send units to complete manuevers for free Xp, gems and rss

    Keep a watch out for new updates. The fortress and wall would be a great add to the game

    Shammmy - zone 51

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