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Thread: Technical Support Non Existent

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    Technical Support Non Existent

    I have emailed tech support numerous times over technical issues with this game and have received zero responses back. Very unprofessional of T4F to do this especially with us who spend money on this game.

    Global Compensation for errors on T4F's side are inadequate to the losses sustained during these down times. A couple of 150K RSS and a dozen 60 minute speed ups does not repair the losses occurred during these times.

    I ask all that have emailed support to speak up on this thread. You do not have to say much, just that you have asked for support and also let us know if you got a response back. Maybe if they see that many have not got responses they will step up their customer service to help all players.

    Thank you

    Zone 70

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    All I hear are crickets still. Way to go T4F.

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    Any losses incurred due to downtime should be documented and sent in to CS via in game. Although NONE of my support requests have been resolved in a positive manner, maybe your's will :/

    However, I'll still try and help any gamers regardless of their incompetence
    May the Force be with you

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