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Thread: Tap4Fun won't ban cheater

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    So is he using some type of software to actually cheat the game or is he just a big spender? In newer zones they have better diamond packages so the amount he spends will go further than that of old zones. It sounds like he is just a big spender to me.
    So now T4F is cheating us in older zones then......why cant we all have the same packs....considering zvz.

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    Tap4Fun doesn't care about us. Their logic is that if they allow him to cheat, he will continue to kill all our troops. We will need to buy packs to get back what we already paid for just to loose again. And if I see one more post about taking out a high lvl player with smaller group I'm going to scream. He has well over 2 million T4s, no one else has them or is even close. Except for the people in his guild who continue to grow at the same rate that he does. I have sent them multiple pictures on this person showing him cheating yet he still continues to take my hard earned troops that I paid for that can be verified by Google Pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Emmerson View Post
    You are wrong when it comes to the packs. Also, he has now jumped another 10 million in power in 24 hours to 232 million power. It is very clear, that he is cheating. Now sir, if you where correct in how packs work. They pay what we pay, look at the fact that this area has only been open couple of months. For VIP 12 you need 2,500,000 diamonds. So let's say he buys the $100 packs at 24,000 diamonds. VIP 2,500,000 diamonds divided by 24,000 packs = 104 rounded. Now times that at $100 a pack and you get $10,400 dollars spent to get VIP 12. He is a young person, can you spend $10,400 in two months on a game. Didn't think so! He's freaking cheating!
    You can spend that much, and it can be done. It has happened numerous times. There are currently players with 2 billion power with max VIP.

    Quote Originally Posted by NormanD View Post
    So now T4F is cheating us in older zones then......why cant we all have the same packs....considering zvz.
    And I would not say they are cheating us. I think the idea behind it is to bring newer zones closer to levels of some of the older zones. There could be future updates surrounding this idea.

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    Doesn't matter anymore, I just got zeroed outside pvp. I quit, not spending more money and months to get back what was just taken in minutes by a player who spent according to Tap4Fun over $10,000. I'll spend it on a game that isn't pay to win, or cheat. However you want to look at it. Funny, my 3 day shield just mysteriously failed. Imagine that! I still have 11 of them left. Amazing!

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