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Thread: Can't build a new super mine

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    Exclamation Can't build a new super mine

    I have tried for the last few hours to build a new super mine, with no success I have sufficient Gulid coins I am the leader of the Gulid so I have permission to build I have tryed closing and reopening the app several times I have tried claming new land to put it on I have tried building it on different accounts with Buliding permissions I have tried restarting my phone, All these things to no success Time is money and my time is being wasted because, I could have had another cash mine up by now but instead nothing. Hopefully something can be done about this if not then Fuck it I guess I will have to go back to gathering Lvl 4 Cash villages for the rest of my life again...

    -TheChosen1 Z34

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    The privs are all screwed up right now.

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    Our guild mine is at 258% build right now lol 😂😂😆 members can't get troops back either

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    It's Been Five days and I still can't build a Super Mine Wtf are you going to fix this?

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    Our guild mine has been depleted. What was that means? Depleted by what? Who? We just need 5 more hours to get it done! What was going on?!

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